Customer Service Kudos – Episode 6

by jermaine | Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012

NCe411 Weekly Edition
Customer Service Kudos

HELLO! In this edition, the Silent One thought it would be best to bring you an UPDATE! As I move around our lovely federation and take notes of our customer service highs and lows, I’ve been giving kudos to the well deserved and serving tickets to the customer service law breakers.

Well today I am pleased to announce I have an update and one of our offenders is breaking out of Customer Service Holding! Unfortunately the other one is not only staying in customer service holding but will be further reprimanded and moved from minimum security to maximum – boo…

Well, please join with me and give STANDING OVATION Kudos to Lucky’s Cosmetics! Well the change has been two steps short of miraculous! The overall ambiance of the store has changed. There is now a lot more light in the store which gives an overall bright and cheery feeling as you enter. The sleeping lady was nowhere to be found :-) and the attendants were pleasant, gave warm greetings and were quite helpful. Oh yes and ladies you will be happy to note that you can now try the wigs :-). You’re most welcome :-D. Bravo Lucky’s, Bravo!

Oh but now it’s time to send down the judgment of not only staying in Customer Service Holding, but now I sentence you to Maximum Solitary Confinement! This week’s sentence collectively goes to the Government of St. Kitts Administrative Offices. Oh dear, even after the sound lashing and the ticket, these offices have not improved on their customer service :-( .

Picture This…….
You’re trying to turn in a document that needs to get to a specific department. But you are unsure of where to go. So you go to one office, they send you to another, then another, then another. You finally get to someone and they’re on the phone.

Then you talk to that person who looks like you have completely ruined their day with the grimace on their face. They then tell you that they are not the one you need to be talking to AFTER taking your document and reading it in its entirety!

Seriously, you couldn’t tell me this while I was explaining it to you? You had to take a peek at something that is NO business of yours? When you finally get to your proper destination, it’s 3:40 p.m. and people are already packing up their desks and your presence is clearly giving them indigestion.

You have to basically announce your sensitive issue to a room full of people although you did not plan for an audience. There is absolutely NO privacy to discuss delicate matters and persons don’t even ACT as if they’re disinterested in your matter – nope they just stare and drink in all your business.

A most uncomfortable feeling – Ugh! Add that uncomfortable feeling to the round around, the Kittitian Creole, various screw faces, workers poorly attired in flip flops and party clothes, shake it all up – shaken, not stirred and serve yourself up what I call: A “Very Dirty CS” Martini. All this CRAPPY customer service lands you in Solitary Confinement indefinitely! Oh and Gov, don’t try escaping, this isn’t Shawshank! You have done the crime, you WILL do the time! *slams down my gavel!

Thanks for your feedback and hey, if there are any customer service kudos champs or violators out there that you will like to share or you would like me to “pay a visit to” (wink wink), “The Silent One” would love to hear from you! So drop me a line at (with the subject line CCK) and I will be happy to give that establishment it’s just desserts! :-D
Until Next time Kudos!


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